Aus Prunes are packed with natural goodness. They are cholesterol and fat-free, high in fibre, low GI and they contain many nutrients and antioxidants that can contribute to our health. Most are dried on the farms where they are grown and they don't have to travel too many food miles to reach us. Aus Prunes are also delicious. They are great recipe enhancers at breakfast, lunch or dinner and an ideal, healthy snack at any time of the day.
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13th Apr, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association - Recipes

10th Apr, 2017
It is offical!!! The last tray of fruit went into the drying tunnels on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all of our wonderful growers, dehydrators, friends, family, permanent and casual staff members for helping during harvest. It is a real team effort. And thanks to Peter and Liz Cremasco of Yenda for this photo. #Ausprunes #harvest2017

2nd Apr, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association - Recipes

31st Mar, 2017
Bins of d'Agen plums destined for the dryers. Soon they will be prunes...

27th Mar, 2017
Bilbul prune grower and harvest contractor, Michael Zalunardo is still smiling after 5 weeks of harvest. Keep up the great work Michael!!! #personalisingprunes #Ausprunes #Australianprunes #harvest2017 #contractharvesting

24th Mar, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association - Recipes

22nd Mar, 2017
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20th Mar, 2017
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19th Mar, 2017
Trolley after trolley of d'Agen plums lined up to go into the dryer over night. We will show you the results tomorrow when they come out... #Australianprunes #Griffith #prunes #harvest2017

15th Mar, 2017
Texan Style Prune BBQ Sauce on Snapper Wings - on the menu at Wharf Road Restaurant & Bar this week. @wharf_rd There will be some very impressed customers from this menu item. #ausprunes #australianprunes #prunesgowitheverything #shoalhavenriver #shoalhaventourism #healthy #superfood #australianproduce #aussiefarmers #versitile

14th Mar, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association - Recipes

14th Mar, 2017
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10th Mar, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association celebrating your day.

10th Mar, 2017
#personalisingprunes Our #ausprune growers deserve a cold beverage after a hard day’s work in the drying shed. We caught up with the original hipster and previous owner of this farm, Angelo (left) and newcomers to the industry, John and Sharon Barzan. Angelo has past the baton to the Barzan’s and to make it a smooth transition he is helping during harvest. Nice job Angelo and welcome John and Sharon!!! #thankafarmerforyournextmeal #ausprunes #Griffith #australianprunes #prunes The Area News

9th Mar, 2017
#personalisingprunes During prune harvest we get to meet some wonderful people that help our #ausprunes growers harvest and dry their fruit. Helping Ausprune grower, Grant Delves in Hanwood, are backpackers from all over the world. We met Eliisabeth from Estonia, Claire from England, Gioele from Italy and Ichiro from Japan. We caught up with them during their well yearned lunch break and they said they were all enjoying their first time working in a prune shed. #Griffith #australianprunes #prunes

8th Mar, 2017
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5th Mar, 2017
#personalisingprunes Quality inspections are very important to ensure the highest quality d'Agen plums are dried and delivered to the processors. Young Michael enjoys taste testing during these inspections. @australianmadecampaign #australianprunes #Griffith #prunes #ausprunes

4th Mar, 2017
We love this time of year!!! #ausprunes #prunes #personalisingprunes #Griffith

3rd Mar, 2017
#personalisingprunes. Meet Tjorge, he is a backpacker from Germany. Tjorge is helping #Ausprune father and son team, Del and Michael Zalunardo in their drying shed near Yoogali.

28th Feb, 2017
#personalisingprunes We love this photo... Meet Peter Raccanello from Yenda, NSW. Peter is one of our wonderful #Ausprune growers and he is so excited about starting prune harvest, nobody could wipe the smile off his face. #prunes #personalisingprunes Visit Griffith #yenda #Griffith #australianprunes #australianprunegrower

27th Feb, 2017
We are personalising prunes this year by sharing images of all those who are involved with bringing you a fresh batch of prunes from the 2017 harvest. From backpackers to contractors, through to our Ausprune growers, we will be showing you who is involved in harvest by #personalisingprunes. Meet Triinu, she is a backpacker from Estonia who is helping a Bilbul grower harvest his fruit. This is Triinu's first experience working with prunes. As you can see, she is enjoying her time in the orchard. #personalisingprunes #ausprunes #harvest2017 #riverina #australianproduce #aussiegrown #pruneit #prunes

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