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Healthy One-day Meal Plan

Healthy One-day Meal Plan

Preparation time: 60 minutes
Serves: 1


Nutritional analysis for the one-day meal plan
8760kJ, protein 114g, total fat 85g, saturated fat 23g, carbohydrates 200g, total sugars 90g, fibre 34g, Sodium 2265mg
100% of RDI of all vitamins and minerals assessed

This one-day meal plan is high in fibre with over 30g of fibre 100% of an adult's needs. It is also high in protein - adults need 0.75g of protein per kg bodyweight. This plan was developed for an average male weighing 70kg. The meal plan contains 114g protein so 1.6g protein per kg bodyweight.


A one-day meal plan for an average healthy weight male requiring 8700kJ a day

Weetbix (2 biscuits )
Reduced-fat milk (150mL)
Banana (1 small)
Black tea, no sugar (1 cup)

Morning Tea
Cappuccino,reduced-fat milk, no sugar (1 regular takeaway cup)
Mixed nuts (30g)

Wholegrain and seeds Bread (2 slices)
Reduced-fat mayonnaise (2 tsp)
Tuna, canned in oil, drained (90g)
Mixed green salad (1 cup)
Water to drink (1 cup)

Full-fat Greek yoghurt (1 individual tub)
Prunes (40g)
Water to drink (1 cup)

One-pan chicken bake with prunes served with sweet potato and broccollini (1 serve) as per recipe
Mixed steamed vegetables (75g/ 1/2cup)
Water (1 cup)

Cheddar cheese (30g)
Vita-Weat 9 grain crackers (2 biscuits)
Black tea, no sugar (1 cup)

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