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Chorizo, Prune and Goats Cheese Mini Pizza

Chorizo, Prune and Goats Cheese Mini Pizza

Preparation time: 60 minutes
Serves: 8-10


The dough
1 kg bread flour
700ml water (blood temperature)
1 sachet yeast - 7g
pinch sugar
pinch salt
splash good olive oil

The sauce
2 tins tomatoes
1/2 bunch basil
4 cloves garlic
splash good olive oil

The topping
150g chorizo sausage - sliced
100g Australian prunes - sliced
350g mozzerella cheese - grated
2 sprigs rosemary finely chopped
1 sprig oregano - leaves
100g goats cheese
a big splash good olive oil


For the dough
1. Place the flour in a bowl.
2. Combine the yeast and warm water.
3. Add yeast and water mix to the flour with the sugar, salt and oil.
4. Use a fork to mix it into a sticky mess.
5. Then use your hands to kneed it well. Form it into a ball and cover with plastic
6. Let it rest for 30min.

For the sauce
1. Warm the olive oil in a pan.
2. Add the garlic and fry gently.
3. Add the tomatoes, torn basil and some salt and pepper and simmer for 5min.
4. Blend the sauce till smooth and set aside.

Make the pizza
1. Pre heat your oven to 200C, if you have a pizza stone - put it in now!
2. Divide the dough into 20 small balls.
3. Roll out on a floured surface to about 12cm round.
4. Sprinkle the cheese over the dough then spoon over the tomato sauce.
5. Top with the chorizo, prunes, goats cheese, rosemary and oregano.
6. Add a little more cheese to hold everything together.
7. Place the pizzas on the pizza stone or on a tray in the oven and bake about 10min or till golden and crisp.
8. Give a good drizzle of olive oil and serve.

Recipe owned by: The Australian Prune Industry Association @ausprunes
Recipe Created by: David Campbell, Wharf Rd Restaurant & Bar, Nowra & Hungry Duck, Berry @hungryduckberry
Dish styled by: Lisa Madigan @lisamadigan
Photographs by: Lean Timms @leantimms

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