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Caramel and Apple Crumble with Prunes

Preparation time: 120 minutes
Serves: 4


100g butter
50g raw sugar
50g dark sugar
100g roasted almond meal
100g flour

Vanilla Caramel
160g caster sugar
160g cream
125g butter

Apple and Prune Compote
12 prunes, chopped
20g raw sugar
100ml orange juice
4 red apples, cut into cubes
20g butter


Roast the almond meal in the oven for about 20minutes at 170. Let cool.
Mix all of the ingredients into blender to make a paste. Push through a sieve with large holes. Freeze. Butter some rectangles and pour in the crumble to the top. Bake the rest of the crumble on a baking sheet at 155 for 20min

Vanilla Caramel
Cook the sugar in a saucepan until it caramelises. Heat the cream in the microwave and pour over the caramelised sugar. Bring to the boil, add the butter, stir and keep aside.

Apple and Prune Compote
Soak the prunes in the orange juice and sugar for 4 hours. Saute the apples with the prune and sugar mix until the apples have softened and the sugar has caramelised.

To Assemble
Layer the crumble with the apple compote and the caramel mixture

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